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We have taken our farm fresh goat milk and dehydrated it to put it in a nourishing bath bomb so you can treat yourself to a fun and relaxing bath experience.

Our delightful bath bombs are made up of clean and natural ingredients.

*Goat Milk Naturally Contains Vitamins and Minerals Including Vitamin A, C, E and D as Well as B Complexes, Lipids and Triglycerides-It Will Fortify Your Skin and Help Prevent Moisture Loss

*Pure raw Shea butter and avocado oil

*Red Moroccan clay and botanicals

Ingredients 2 oz: Dehydrated goat milk, raw shea butter, organic oils- avocado, olive, organic baking soda & citric acid, essential oils, red Moroccan clay, essential oils, hibiscus, cherry powder each bath bomb comes individual wrapped 

how to use: drop bath bomb into warm water and enjoy, wipe off any residue after your bath